NOCO GB150 Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter


NOCO GB150 Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter.  12V 4000A Lithium Jump Starter.

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NOCO GB150 Genius Boost Pro Portable Battery Jump Starter for Cars, Boats, RVs, Trucks

This listing is for One (1) NOCO GB150 Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter AND

  • Uses Smart technology to prevent sparks from reverse polarity connections
  • Contains Lithium-ion battery to hold a charge longer.
  • Delivers 4,000 amps for jump-starting a dead battery.
  • Includes 10X LED Flashlight (500 lumens) with multiple settings (SOS, Flashing, Reading light…).
  • Includes Voltmeter to check your battery’s current state of charge.
  • Has USB connector which can be used for charging smart devices, phones, tablets, MP3 players…
  • 12V plug (included) can power tire pumps and inverters
  • Detailed User Manual

The GB150 is NOCO’s Professional grade portable smart jump-starter.  It has enough power to get cars, trucks, full sized SUVs even full-sized truck diesel engines started.


The GB150 is rated for (up to) 10-liter gas engines or diesel engines.

Water resistant construction makes this ideal for use in marine environments for your boat or watersport vehicle.


What comes in the box:

• GB150 Lithium Jump Starter w/HD Battery Clamps
• Micro USB Cable
• 12V Female Plug (OUT)
• 12V Male Plug (IN)
• 12V XGC Cable
• User Guide & Information Guide and Warranty



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