NOCO Genius G1100 6V, 12V Multi-purpose Battery Charger & Maintainer


NOCO G1100 6V, 12V 1.1A Portable Smart Battery Charger for ATVs, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Cars, Boats.

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NOCO G1100 Portable Smart Battery Charger for ATVs, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Cars, Boats


This listing is for One (1) NOCO G1100 6V & 12V (1.1A) Charger & Maintainer

  • Uses Smart technology to prevent sparks from reverse polarity connections
  • Charges both 6V and 12V batteries.
  • Can be used on batteries up to 40 amp-hours
  • Smart technology prevents overcharging.
  • “Repair Mode” Can revitalize sulfated (used, poor performing) batteries.
  • Uses advanced diagnostics to identify damaged batteries.
  • Suitable for stop-start and CANbus vehicles

The G1100 is one of NOCO’s standard vehicle portable smart charger/maintainer.

Designed to be used on Motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, jet skis, ATVs, lawn mowers, cars and boats.

Can be used to maintain batteries for almost all vehicles.

Can be used to charge/maintain wet, gel, MF, EFB, AGM or Lithium (Li-Ion) batteries.

Suitable for start-stop and CANbus vehicle systems. (requires additional CANbus connector)

5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What comes in the box: 
• G1100 Smart Charger
• Battery Clamps with integrated Eyelets
• User Guide, Information Guide & Manufacturer’s Warranty Info

The NOCO line of battery chargers are durable, multi-purpose, smart chargers that you can rely on upon over the years to keep all your batteries in good condition.  The ability to plug them in and leave them until you have time to check on your car can’t be stressed enough.  This prevents overcharging, a very common issue with regular car battery chargers.  The desulfination component allows this unit to help restore lost battery capacity and could extend the life of your current battery.



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