Nicad AA 700 mAh (10 pack) Rechargeable Batteries


One 10-pack of NiCad AA 1.2V 700 mAh Batteries.

Bulk packaged industrial grade Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. May be used in a variety of applications including; solar lights, games, toys, remotes, portable radios and much more.

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NiCad AA Rechargeable Batteries (10 pack)

1 (one) 10-pack of Ni-Cd 1.2V AA batteries 700mAh.

Ten industrial grade NiCad AA batteries  in bulk packaging.


These are new, unused batteries received in excellent condition from the factory.  We rebox the batteries into smaller packages for customer orders.

Uses: Solar lights, Games, Toys, TV Remotes, Flashlights and much more.


Note: industrial batteries,  packaging may vary, specs will be exactly the same.


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