Vinnic 392F SR41 1.55V Silver Oxide Batteries (10 pack)


392F SR41 Batteries (10 pack), 1.55V Silver Oxide 384, SR41SW, SG3 Replacement.

This is for one 10-pack of Vinnic 392F batteries.

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Vinnic 392F SR41 SR41SW, SG3 1.55V Silver Oxide Coin Cell Battery

This is for one blister pack of 10 (ten) 392F Vinnic coin cell batteries on a single card sheet.

Vinnic batteries are a quality replacement option for brand names such as Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac, and Panasonic.

This battery contains 0% mercury.

These are new, unopened batteries received in excellent condition from the factory.

May be used to replace: 392F 392 384 SR41 SR41SW, SG3… and more

Fits many consumer devices such as:

    • fitness trackers
    • watches
    • mini lights
    • calculators
    • computers
    • remote control devices
    • and much more.



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