Enersys Cyclon 0819-0012 6V, 2.5Ah Monobloc Battery


Cyclon Monobloc Battery 0819-0012, 6V, 2.5Ah Dual-Lite Emergi-Lite, Life Fitness

ONE (1) Enersys Cyclon Monobloc 0819-0012 Battery.

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Enersys Cyclon 0819-0012 6V, 2.5Ah Monobloc Battery

ONE (1) Enersys Cyclon Monobloc 0819-0012 Battery.

Enersys Cyclon batteries are Valve-Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Batteries made out of durable, vibration and shock-resistant construction. Each unit utilizes 99.99% pure lead plates providing superior performance at extreme temperatures.

Fabricated with 50 PSI resealable safety valves the design allows gases to escape then automatically reseals to prevent excessive gas accumulation or “dry out” failure from repetitive recharging cycles.

These are authentic Enersys Cyclon Batteries. They are new, unused batteries received in excellent condition from the factory.


  • Resealable safety valve
  • Steel can enclosure
  • Rugged construction
  • High stable voltage delivery
  • Fast recharge
  • More recharge cycles
Conventional sealed-lead batteries vary
greatly in specified standby life: from three to six years at normal operating temperatures.CYCLON battery Single Cells, however,
offer a fifteen-year design life at same rated working conditions.

May be used to replace:

Life Fitness Equipment: Lifecycle, stepper, cross trainers
(Verify Voltage & Amperage for your specific model)

Emergency Lights: Dual-lite duallite,12-708 12708, LZ2, Emergi-Lite (Emergilite) E1, High Lites 34-104M, Hubbell 8007, ADEMCO 465-627, Lite-Alarms and more.

Length: 4.48″
Width: 1.81″
Height: 2.75″
Weight: 1.15 lbs.

For use in emergency lights, battery backups, applications with demanding temperature performance requirements.

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