6V, 4.5Ah, SLA PB645 (4 pk)


4-pack of 6V 4.5AH Rechargeable Maintenance-free Lead-Acid Batteries with F1 slip on terminals.

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6V 4.5AH Rechargeable Maintenance-free Lead-Acid Battery 4 pack

This is for 4 (four)  PB645 sealed lead acid batteries.

Prime Battery PB series batteries are Valve-Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Batteries made out of durable, vibration and shock-resistant construction.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or adding water.
  • UL-recognized.
  • Sealed construction allows for unit to be mounted in any orientation.
  • Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • Low self-discharge.

These are new, unused batteries received in excellent condition from the factory, specifically packaged for Prime Battery. They have never been installed in equipment and remain in their bulk packaging until the time of shipping.


May be used for:

For use in emergency lights, battery backups, applications with demanding temperature performance requirements. Deer and Bird feeder/decoy devices, trail cameras, computer battery back-ups systems, automated exercise equipment, kids ride-on vehicles… and much, much more.

Emergency lights:
SL1, 12-255, 12-295. Emergi-lite; EC-2, ME2N, M1, WSMX14R, Lithonia. Atlite; 24-1001, 24-1002, JM6M4. Astralite. High Lites; 39-01, Light-Alarms; 860-0004, CE1-5BF, CE1-5BK, CE1-5BL, CE1-5BN, CE1-5BS. SureLite; 26-02, 26-78, 26-117. Trio Lighting),

Battery Back-ups:
APC, Tripp lite

Replacement batteries:
Sigmastek, Powersonic, Universal, Atlas, BB Battery, Battery patrol, Carpenter, Chloride, Crown, Duracell, Embassy, Dictagraph, Douglas, Eagle Picher, Exide, Global, Grainger, Hubbell, Johnson Control, McMaster, Mule, National, Panasonic, Power Patrol, Sureway, Teledyne, Union, Yuasa…


Voltage: 6V
Capacity: 4.5AH
Length: 2.76″
Width: 1.85″
Height: 3.98″
Tot. Hght: 4.21″
Weight: 1.67 lbs.
Terminals: F1


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